Snapshots of Stirling

The University of Stirling is less than an hour's walk from the city centre, and this is definitely something to take advantage of on a sunny day.

The walk to town is full of great photo ops, and sometimes giving in to tourist cliches is worth the strange looks (and a few smiles!) from locals.

I've yet to find a single view of Scotland that doesn't look like a page from a storybook. I wish we had cities like this back home!

Among all of the colorful shopfronts in Stirling, there are plenty of stores that have re-purposed older buildings and embraced the architecture. Not pictured: the beer distributor that has taken tenancy in the city's old post office.

This coffee shop also has its very own "secret garden" through the back door. Coffee + Vintage + Plants...what more could a millennial want?

How many kilt shops does one city need? Apparently, traditional Scottish dress is still a popular alternative to suits. I don't see many men walking around in kilts, but the number of specialty rental stores in town prove that there is still a significant demand for special occasions.

Saving my favorite spot for last, Mint is a coffee shop that I've already visited three times in the month that I've been here. There are plenty of other coffee shops to visit, but I've grown attached. The owner is the only employee behind the counter, making each drink himself. He is really friendly to customers and always gives a student discount to my friends and I.

So far this apple cinnamon crepe is my favorite thing on the menu that I've tried so far, but the scones are really yummy too!

Apparently "iced coffee" is closer to a milkshake than a latte in Scotland, but I couldn't complain over the homemade ice cream it's made with. Next time I will go back to my caffe mocha - still sweet but less likely to give me a cavity!

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